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Heey Hello .. Peeps...

My name is witlee...

Some Things you may find interesting about me:

Name: Natasha Daniƫls (aka Witlee)
Nickname(s): Natashii, tashii, lee
Age: 19 (almost 20)
D.O.B: Aug-22-1993
Gender: Female, Of course what else.
Sexual preference: Bisexual
State: Taken / Married :D
Hair: normal cut(shoulder length), Brown, kinda curly and wavy at the same time
Eyes: chocolate brown
Height: 6"9
Nationality: Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, English
Music style: No real fav music style/genre, depends on my mood :P

Other info about me:

you would probably think that I'm going to write stories don't cha think...
But I'm only a reader and commenter...
You see... my English is Okay but not good enough to actually write a story,
nobody would understand it...
beeecccause of my poor grammar ;P

but i do have a creative mind,
f you need any help with a next subject or
need any help with a ideas for your story...
then i can help you...

I have those, famous Brain-fart-vomits with millions of plots and ideas,
but i just don't know what to do with them,

That is why i feel like giving them away, pm me let me read your story and i will give full feedback
i always write long review with the pluses and minus.
but i do that because i want to help people with there writing skills
and because i simply like helping :D

need any help just message me!!

My favo subjects are: Romance, Comedy, Gender blender, Yuri, smut, Ecchi and my FAVO of all YAOI and lemons (huray for yaoi, god loves us... lol)

Save the world.. it's the only planet with YAOI

Fisit me on my DeviantArt page : Http://

I do pointcommissions

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