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I am a Medical Technologist(a.k.a Clinical Laboratory Scientist) working in a hospital laboratory.

I love reading SGA stories here in FanFiction, but also on LiveJournal and Wraithbait. I find them very entertaining and really enjoy spending my free time reading them. Thanks to all the writers who share their stories with us, you really make my day.

Over the years I have become more comfortable in dealing with the computer and internet (but still consider myself computer/internet illerate) and so to help me keep up with all the great stories out there, I finally decided to join FanFiction so that I can gather all my favorite stories and authors in one place and better keep track of them. I also finally decided to join FFN because there are really great stories here in which the author is not accepting reviews from anonymous readers, so I bit the bullet and created an account.

I have been reading stores here on FanFiction since Stargate Atlantis started airing on TV in 2005 and by some unknown fluke or devine intervention, discovered this place and joy of joys I found another medium to enjoy the great characters of SGA! My favorite character is the great Dr. Rodney McKay! If your story is centered around him, I am soooooo reading your story! But I also greatly enjoy Team stories...go Team!!

Before I created this account, you may have seen my reviews to your stories, I signed with my name, Elisa, but when I created this account my name was already taken so I had to creat another name. ElisaD263 is a hybrid between my real name and the name I have been using on other forums, ed263. I do try to leave feedback to those stories I read, I figure it's the least I can do for someone who gave me something that put a smile on my face or a thrill down my spine by reading your story.

Again, thanks to all the wonderful authors out there!! Your stories provide a great source of joy and entertainment to me and to many others who come here to read FanFiction!

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