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Uh.. I don't know how to say this guys without being plain blunt.

Well.. I'm not gonna be writing stories or finishing my stories on Fanfiction anymore. I don't really have no reason but that I grew tired of it in some way. Im really sorry if you wanted to know what happened at the end of all my stories. I'm not gonna putting my stories up for adoptition or keep them on here. I will be deleting all my stories on here. I'll still be writing but not on here. I write on another site I fall in love with. It's called Booksie(dot)com You should check it out. My username is Blushing Brunette. I have one story up on there right now called Unperfected. I might even upload one of my old stories from here on there and might continue it. But we'll see..

Im sorry guys but thank you so much for the past support and the wonderful comments. It meant a lot. 3

Good Bye guys. 3

-Blushing Brunette


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