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YES,I was angry when i originally wrote this. MY POINT is ,when it comes to Edward and Bella we all have different definitions of ANGST and for me ANGST is any NON-CANON lemons!!!! alluded to in the past is fine,but actual description or lemon dialogue Between E and ANYONE BUT B i can't do. to me they are the IDEAL romantic couple,my inspiration for my own writing and they belong together ONLY!!!!!

anyone who writes non-canon should not consider themselves a TRUE FAN of SM original series and its characters. i am sooooooo sick of doing searches to find new stuff to read,finding something that SOUNDS AMAZING IN SUMMARY only to find a MANWHORWARD who has a bimbo Lauren or Tanya or Jessica in the way of his happiness with Bella. If the girls who are writing it have had a man like this in their lives or IS STILL in their lives, this is sick and wrong and you need to get a REAL MAN!!!!!!!

I am sorry to sound so harsh but i have been with many a cheater and i like to read Edwards that fall madly in love with B and ignore all others around him or tell them off.

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