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well i got a new Love and it is Sons of Anarchy so i am going to try to do a story on it :-) i have one i am doing i got 17 chapter's done on it right now :-) i am trying to get it right be for i put it on here i don't know how long it is going to be but i am thinking about 50 or more chapters :-) it is going to about Opie's sister Leeann after being gone for 10 years she comes home to get help from the club with finding some guys that did somthing to her and she wants there blood for it.. there is going to be a lot of Jax and Happy POV's in it but i don't know as of right now who she is going to be with in the end or if she is going to be with Jax Happy or some one else ;-) it will be a some what a dark story but not to bad. it is going to be a RATED M Story :-) well that is it for now so i hope to get my story out soon :-) Thank's ;-)

well the new year will be here soon and i am hoping that i can get my story done and on here by then but as of right now all i can say is I HOPE I CAN lol :-) i have a friend looking at what i got done now and she Loves it so i hope when i get it on here you will too :-)

I still don't have my story done there is just so much going on all the time right now so i don't get to much time to work one it but i am hoping that when my girls are out of school for the summer i will get to work on it more :-) (I HOPE) :-) well that is it for now :-)

ok so it is June 23-2017 and the story i am working on is on hold i know where i am going with it to get it done but right now i just don't have time to work on it we just Bought a new home and i am tryin to get every thing OUT of box's so i hope SOON i can get to work on it again :-)

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