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Just call me Crimson or CD

Been buys with college as of late, but I'm a 2nd year undergrad trying to major in animation and minor in creative writing. Main fanficiton focuses included for the current time being; YuGiOh, Kingdom Hearts (my current focus), Legend of Zelda (Twilight Princess), and Resident Evil.

Author Notes

-I stick to trying to keep the stories as canon as possible, especially with sources that have spin offs and theories that can be applied that will still maintain the reason as to why the series was successful. In particular, Kingdom Hearts has been giving me the most trouble due to the nature of its complicated plot web and timeline, hence unfortunately gets the slowest updates; but this is why I want to also not miss anything important about it as to not confuse the reader.

-I will write chapters roughly 1.5k-4k words at the start, which will either gently increase or decrease according to how much needs to be told in the chapter to set a good pace. I used to write chapters with 7.5k words each in my first eager fanfiction years; never again. I learn from mistakes and try to fix them as soon as mentioned, so I really do appreciate the constructive criticism when its put out in reviews.

-I have a few pet peeve repeated words and phrases at time, and I may have very strange diction that ends up in long running sentences. But other than that, I do feel inspired seeing other writers do such a better job; authors I go to include Paladin's Throne, writer of KH fanfiction Body and Soul (highly recommended read for any one who wants a very well written story in general as well) and The Genius Mage (good for enjoyable oneshots of many anime and games alike).

-Unfortunately I am also a very busy person. I have many ideas in stores, but proper execution and the need of time in a day past college classes and family errands is left to be desired. I enjoy writing these stories and setting out ideas, but don't expect me to be a regularly updating person.

Hope you enjoy the stuff I put out, read & review and whatnot, and thank you for having patience if you are alerted to one of my stories or my profile still.

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