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Hey everyone, so I've recently come back after a 2-3 month absence and I see a few things I do and don't like. Well, I'm just not gonna get into that. I am, however, going to let you all know why pretty much everything on this account has been rid of. Simple, I'm pretty much done with this account.

I plan to make this my scrap account where I just put junk I'd like to post but not really care what kind of reviews it gets. So to you flamers who have just LOVED sending me hate reviews, guess what. You will be welcomed. Because I won't give a rat's about the reviews on the stories posted on here anymore.

On another note, many of you will notice one of my first stories that my followers have loved is gone as well. The reason it's been deleted is simple too.

I'm no longer working on that project, at least not alone. Second, that project is being redone and some decisions were made to improve the quality of the project itself, as well as the content and the portrayal of character personalities.

I did have some good times doing the original project, but I also feel that I didn't do so well on certain points that killed the potential that it had. So, there you go.

I'm not likely to be on this account any more, but I'm going to keep it open.

So that's all from me. I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. Lord knows that I didn't. Peace and have a nice day.


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