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My stories:

Junie B. Skater Gal: This is the story I'm going to be focusing on for the next few months. I've decided, since it is by far my most popular story, it deserves some more attention. I'm going to be finishing it soon, it's almost done! But until I do completely finish this story, I wont be writing anything else, except maybe a oneshot here and there.

New Love: Ugh, this is my one embarrassment of a Twilight fiction. It is poorly written, badly thought out, and I don't even like Twilight anymore! I stopped liking the series a long time, a bit after starting Eclipse. But, I'm still writing it, even thinking of rewriting it. I haven't updated for many reasons, the main one being I stopped getting reviews. I don't know when I'll start posting again, it mostly depends on my readers...New Love is my least popular story, and I will write first for the stories with more demand.

Step Siblings: Growing Love: My first ever fanfic, and the first one I ever put on hold. I detest myself for it, but I will continue! 'Till this day I still get reviews, so I will still write it...I promise to finish this story, even if it takes me a lifetime.

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