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Heya guys! Welcome to my site!


You can find me and my original stories on FictionPress. If you like, just take a look at my profile.


It's been a while since I updated my profile. Nothing major happened, except for me getting older (:.

I'm still a crazy reader who admires all the awesome work produced by the likes of you. I've been here long enough to see some great writers become even better authors in real life. I'm just so happy that I could get a hold on their stories before these people became so sucessful. Fanfiction is really something else.

Besides reading I write, but I lack updating... a lot... sorry. Nevertheless I come up with a lot of ideas, hopefully one will make it into a story eventually. Keep your fingers crossed (:. Music keeps me going, I'm a musician since the age of 8 and now in my mid 20s I can't stop loving it.

You wanne know anything else? - ask me.

Wider die Vernunft is the awesome story I'm allowed to beta. The story is written by one of my very good friends, Celesoan. Girl, we have soooo much fun together. I can't keep any coherent thought whilst chatting with you. Giggling included, well hysterics might be the better description. You are awesome, love ya! Her story is in German, as well as her oneshots, but she also has an OS that actually is in English!! Go read it, these stories are great, just as well as the author herself. She is such an amazing girl.

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