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The Fetus Stories
(AKA ones written when I was much younger. I'm no longer as fond of them but I know there are fans so they're still up.)

A True Valentine's Day Sweetheart

A completed one-shot Hannah and Booth celebrate Valentine's Day. He even has a ring. B&B

Coffee Carts, Cars, and Cocoons

A completed one-shot Post Doctor in the Photo. 1st Song fic

the B&B Way

Multi-chapter on indefinite hiatus B&B's slow progression into love

The Letters of Bones

Multi-chapter on indefinite hiatus Alphabet chapters alternating focus on Angela and Brennan. B&B and Hodgela

The Improved Stories

Without Its Heart

My first completed multi-chapter story. The beginning is still kind of rough but it gets better as it progresses. Can really be divided at chapter 14 and 36 if the length intimidates you. Life and it's ups and downs for Angela. What would they do without their heart? B&B and Hodgela

Guess How Much I Love You

Completed multi-chapter AU if Michael had been born blind.


Butterfly Love

One-shot poem (Rosalie and Emmett) A poem that got stuck in my head and seemed to fit here.


The Ice is Melting

In progress multi-chapter Childhood to past the finale of Bade and cast Bade with lots of Cade and some Jandre friendship Right now it's focused on Beck and Jade's respective childhoods and how this shapes them into who we seem on the show. Cat and Andre make some appearances.


I Wanna Mash-Up With You Forever

In progress multi-chapter Brittana based with Quinntana, Pucktana, and Unholy Trinity friendships
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