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Hello There!

The Names Ashley!

I am in Looove with Dimitri Belikov

Im Fifteen.

Im One of Those loud people, who dont give a stuff what people think of them.

I Like to Sing ... Loudly.

According to people I know, I am Weirdly obsessed with Vampire Academy.

Some people think im funny, they obviously have rocks in their heads.

Im One of those people who burst out laughing in the middle of classroom silence.

Im one of those people who just cant keep a straight face. EVER.

Im one of those losers who drinks coffee with about 12 sugars in it at night, so keep my self awake to do last minute assignments.

Thanks for reading, you just wasted your time of your life to read this about me. How thoughtful.

Lol I know, Im Retarted.

Checkk out AlwaysEmily & Confused23.

They are the maddest people ever. :)

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