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Hey! my name is Arianna Marrilyn. Call me Ari or Lyn.

as you must have known, i have written 2 story for this web.

1:Changes comes when you least expected it

2: An Arc Roller Coaster.

i know it sound sucks but its really good. both of them!

here's the first story's sum

Mikan Sakura is the daughter of the Sakura Corp and the lil sis of the Sakura brothers. what pst does she hold and can two boys make a change in her life. Complication: Mikan has a Split Personality!

i wrote this story in my school book but different characters. Read it and Review it!

here's the second sum

Mikan is an agent for GA. She has 2 rare alice.Kuonji sent her to a training camp for a month.Meanwhile, he developed a flower on his heart but a rose or a lily. what will happen when she comes back. a lot of crossover and arc. KuonjixMikanxNatsume

when i was writing this one, i had goosebumps and adrenaline when i wrote it. the story is fun and a bit of drama here and there. there's also some humor and romance, of course. again, Read it and Review it.

i think that's all for my profile. Later! =)

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