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6/13/2016 update: more cleaning up; mostly inactive as you could guess. Mostly forum handling and being on Discord; kinda outgrew FFN naivete I used to have.

Character profiles:

Drake: (scrapped)

Kai: (human AND dragon forms scrapped)

Damion Vayne: Necromancer who tries to be different from the rest; instead of destruction, he tries to protect the people around him with his necromancy. He killed his friends in his home world, and has regretted doing so. I can't blame him; he was forced to do so against his will. He hoped his necromancy would be able to revive them, but not with the same results he initially hoped for. To this day, he fights with Kat over mundane things, and tries to live a normal life with his necromancy.

Kat Angelica: An angel who takes her job too seriously. Her life's mission is to destroy Damion due to some conflict she had with him involving betrayal at the most crucial moment. Due to her death from that moment, she vowed to destroy him and make him feel the pain of betrayal she felt moments before, and during death. (no appearance in a fic yet)

Haru Yamato: A normal human who was a human villager in Gensokyo. Brown hair, brown eyes, quite timid, beige shirt and blue pants; he's roughly 17 years of age. Has a HUGE fear of yanderes, which causes him to flee at any possible sign of yanderes. (will hear about Youmu later, and develop an idol-worship thing for her, despite never meeting the girl in question in person).

Story ideas ANYONE can grab (Remember, first come first serve):

1. Tyranny... Touhou (OCs involved: NONE) ... Warnings: OOC, AU (quite likely) (Also, it's a SERIOUS fic, not light-hearted like 95% of the other fics out there (rough estimate))

Cirno becomes QUITE powerful; so much so that Yukari has to intervene and keep her power under control. Unfortunately, she fails and ends up killed. With Yukari gone, the Hakurei border becomes unstable to where the changes are almost immediate. Gensokyo freezes over, and most of the residents are also frozen. A few survivors rescue the frozen, and form a resistance group after finding out what happened. They make their way to Eientei as a base and eventually rescue MORE frozen victims. After a LONG time, they begin their counter-attack to put Cirno down and reclaim Gensokyo for themselves. Eirin and Shinki help bring Yukari back to life, and restoring Gensokyo as much as possible to before Cirno went power crazy. Life returns to normal after a month, except without the power-crazy idiot ice fairy.

Genres: Tragedy, Action/Adventure, Suspense, Thriller (somewhat), Drama (some CAN be here and there, but that's up to the adopter of the story)

2. "Perverted Mima in Standard Sense" ... Touhou (No OCs) ... Warnings: Mima, adult, lemon, yuri, harem, crack, OOC, What-if

Tired of living in Makai, a forgotten place to most everyone, Mima decides to come to Gensokyo... and make everyone become part of her harem. It shouldn't be that hard considering her power, but Marisa won't have any of it, which makes Mima's pursuit all the more fun.

3. "Windows Grudge" ... Touhou (No OCs) ... Warnings: Mima, What-if

A SERIOUS variation of "Perverted Mima in Standard Sense" in which Mima gets bored living in Makai, and starts her conquest to take over Gensokyo and establish her rule. What-if scenario considering most of the canon games 6-13 should Mima be playable in most of them and how her story might work in each game.

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