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I love writing and this kind of fiction is fun to do. Being able to expand, toy with ideas, use certain characters or just their types to tell a story that may or may not fit into their original format. Even if my spelling and grammar get the best of me, feel free to lend a helping had to improve it. Otherwise, I just upload what's fun for me and dive into themes/ideas to just see what comes of them.

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T.Thomas (Barely Used)


TMNTtia-5th (Dead Page)


T. Thomas YT

The list below show of how many stories of the show number up top are done. Oh and if your wondering why none show a genre, it is because, only two can be shown. Unlike movies that can show at least four or so. That is why I have left them as general, for it can mean that it can be about anything without giving away what the main plot of the story is.

Or mostly on my fault, I have no idea what the genre should say for the reader. So, forgive on that small about.

Anime/Manga: Ouran High School Host Club (3), Hetalia - Axis Powers (7), 07-Ghost (1), Junjō Romantica (2), Wallflower (1), D.N.Angel (1), Anima (1), Naruto (1), Okiku Furikabutte/Big Windup!/おおきく振りかぶって (1), Saiyuki (1), Karneval/カーニヴァル (1), No. 6 (1), Gravitation (1), Spirited Away (1), Papa to Kiss in the Dark (1), Add Ons

Books: Darren Shan Saga/Cirque Du Freak (1), Where's Waldo? (1), Peter Pan (1), Alice in Wonderland (1), Phantom of the Opera (1), Add Ons

Cartoons: Powerpuff Girls (5), Ninja Turtles (6), Rocket Power (1), Teen Titans (2), Xiaolin Showdown (2), Ben 10 (2), My Little Pony (5), Transformers/Beast Wars (1), Phineas and Ferb (1), Pucca (1), Beetlejuice (1), Tom and Jerry (1), Ed, Edd n Eddy (1), Mina and the Count (1), Hazbin Hotel (1)Add Ons

Comics: Spy vs Spy (1), Usagi Yojimbo (1), Hanna is not a Boys Name (1), Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (1), Add Ons

Games: Sonic (2), Mario (1), Pokémon (2), Outlast (1), Undertale (1), Minecraft (1), Add Ons

Misc: X-overs (4), Misc. Tv Shows (2), Web Shows (9), Misc. Games (1), Greek Mythology (1), Mythology (1), Egyptian Mythology (7), Add Ons

Movies: A Christmas Story (1), Monsters Inc. (1), Rise of the Guardians (4.5), How to Train Your Dragon (1.5), Nightmare Before Christmas (1), Up (1), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1), Saw (1), Frozen (1), Add Ons

Plays/Musicals: Shakespeare (1), Add Ons

TV Shows: Suite Life series (5), House, M.D. (1), Add Ons

More will be going onto this list (Do not mind this bit, that is a message for Writer).

Hey for anyone reading this little bit here, I need some help. this here site, http:///writing/marysue.htm shows if an OC is a Mary Sue or Gary Stu and with looking through it, some of the questions made me think about my characters. For that, I was looking through them and was able to fill as to why this OC was like this, but I couldn't find a place to put it in the story.

So, if anyone sees this, could someone help. I tried with just one OC and only left me lost. In a way, I am asking help to take this test, for there are some words that I don't understand well enough to answer them. So...if anyone would...help.

I don't want my OCs to be Sue or Stu. Help! Please!

Hey there wonder! Yeah, I mean you. If you were able to read this far and are willing to me a try as a fanfiction writer. The work is down below.

A little easier than looking through the list and give a chance for it to a surprise to whatever it can be.



-Crack Fics-

l Drabble Dares l


l Phobia l Venting l TROLLZ l Letter l Just Now A Dream l Quiet Me l Changing Oneself l Barney Knows l My What? l Zombie Needs A Name l It's Back l Quitter She's Not l He's Not Forgotten l Fanaticism l Back Then and Here Now l Not Here Anymore l Karma, I Hate You l Be A Symbol l Human to Ghoul l Hidden Ai l Valediction Gain l

-One Shots-

l Dragon's Eye l Flag of Love l I Am Stronger l Reprogam Me l S O L O or L O V E l Twins We Are l Yours Alone l Angel's Darkness l Knowing We Are Alive l I'm The Sun, You're The Stars l Cody, You Don't Know l Pitcher Face l My Parade l Everyones Blue Sometimes l Mother's Day l Xenophobia l A Rat l To See l My Little Monster l Dark Imagination l Special Edition: Susan Style! l Welcome Home, Cuz' l Witch, Where's My Hat? l Incidental Spares l Conflicted Peace l Small Steps: Dealing With It l Anna Only Wants One Thing For Christmas l Distance Friendship l


l One As Me l Don's Name l I Have You l Leo's Name l Love Can Be So Unknow, Poem l Mike's Name l Raph's Name l Who We Are l 5 Senses l Sunako's Inner Mind l Hang In There l Love Is natural l Forever Friends l This Color I Wear l Unchain l Yojimbo's Tale l Waldo, I Am l Bubbles l Inside Johnny C. l Growing Up l Inner Demons l Little Angel Grow l Universe of Vitality l One Day l Silver Friend of Mine l Endless Game l Letting Go l The Eight Souls l Shut Hour l


l Gute Bruder l Tame That Shrew, The Ending l What Is Love? l World of Bubbly Blue l Brotherhood l The Man I Used To Know l 3 Words l Aluminous Hearts l Nekos of Snow l Oceanic l Space of Dreamy Green l Give Color To The Spies l Critic Spies l My Gift From Totem l Incomplete l Pocket Monsters l Justly True l By The Power Of Thee: Volume I l Asking For A Favor l By The Power Of Thee: Volume II l By The Power Of Thee: Volume III l Final Goodbyes l By The Power Of Thee: Volume IV l Run, Todd, Run l Jackson Overland and Jack Frost l By The Power Of Thee: Volume V l Forgotten Myth l A Chance of Meeting l Scorching Arctic l By The Power Of Thee: Volume VI l Outlast 2: Walrider l By The Power Of Thee: Volume VII l Silent Encounters l The Underground Traveler l I Found The Truth l Squeaks and Hits l A Journey l Drabbles of the Hazbin Hotel's Counselor l

If you don't like being surprises. Just go down a little farther.

Thanks if you enjoy the stories or giving them a chance.

Until next time!

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