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Hello, I'm Oley.

I used to be obsessed with Harry Potter fanfiction, but these days I'm into Neil Patrick Harris (Dr. Horrible, HIMYM and Harold & Kumar) fics, Fight Club fics and Twilight fics that have no hint of Stephenie Meyer's lame books. xD

I enjoy fics in which various NPH characters meet each other or are the same character, like in Billy Stinson, by EccentrikPirate. Check it out; it's great!

I think I should also note that I LOVE slash fics! Harry/Draco, Captain Hammer/Dr. Horrible, Barney/any male, Barney/Dr Horrible... wait, what?! Ahahah, YES! Like the amazing Cumin, by IdioticOnion. Actually, Cumin is the only one of Billy/Barney I've come across. =( If you are the author of one like that or know of another one PLEEEAASSEE send me the link!!

I NEED more Harold & Kumar NPH fics. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?? I want some more crazy awesome stories like Screenwriter's Blues, by Minim Calibre! I would totally love one involving what happened in the second H&K, like the unicorn and the branding of Tits Hemingway. Ohhh my gosh. I so wouldn't mind my ass getting branded if it meant I could get it ON with him. Ahahah!

Oh! My! GOSH!! IdioticOnion's Wish is AMAZING! It a meeting between NPH from Harold & Kumar & NPH as the Faerie Shoe Person from Sesame Street. Read it and laugh your ass off!!

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