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Hi, I'm Johnna.

I mostly write for the Total Drama series. I haven't written for anything else yet. I don't think I want to write for anything else!

I love the total drama series, no idea why i do, but i do.

I have a twitter & a tumblr, if you guys want to follow me, you can message me and I'll give you the link to it :)

-update 11/30/13

I haven't written anything in about two years, and that makes me so sad, but I haven't felt inspired lately or had any time to write a proper story. I think I will be back soon, but for now I'm still really interested in writing only for the TD Series. For some reason nothing else really inspires me as much. I think it's because on TD there are so many diverse and different characters to play with

Even though I haven't written in a long while, I still do write everyday for my own self. And I appreciate every comment and review I've received. It really warms my heart that some people do like my writing, even though looking back on it I cringe every time. Thank you again so much.


Ask me any questions if you need to know more!

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