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Hello there and thanks for stopping by. If you're interested in joining the Fanfiction Review Movement (FRM), please read below for details.

Coming in 2024: Another Show Me Love Challenge to promote the spread of the positive constructive review. The Show Me the Love of "Family" Challenge will take place from May 12 - May 18, 2024. Read the details below, and as always, for those interested in joining the FRM please contact me as well.

What is a Show Me the Love Challenge?

The goal of the Show Me the Love Challenge is to provide feedback in the form of signed, positive constructive reviews on stories submitted for the challenge. Stories accepted for this upcoming challenge will need to be a K or T rated one shot story in English during the week of May 12- 18, 2024. All reviews are due by June 8, 2024. Submission of a story is not required to participate. The only promise with a pledge is to positively review all entries by the deadline and to live by the spirit of the Fanfiction Review Movement for the year. It has been my hope that by hosting these types of challenges, sharing feedback among peers will inspire story sharing on the site as well as provide feedback for writers to better themselves.

Note: To all participants pledging with a story, please tag your story with: Fanofthisfiction's Show Me the Love of Family Challenge May 2024 in your summary when you post that week and PM right after so I can add your story to my C2 account. That way, everyone will be able to see and access all stories in the challenge there.

To see what has been done in the past, please check out my C2 account to read and review the entries from past challenges.

I am excited to announce the following have pledged to participate in the Challenge this time:

Fanofthisfiction, JessicaRae95, KagamiPINKAgreste, NeonNavyWriter, onicorn, Pixie07, usagi-no-usotsuki, WildMan98, and YenGirl

I am hoping others who believe in the FRM will join us.

Please PM me if interested and here's hoping if you've enjoyed stories on this site, you will support authors to be the best they can be with your review love.

Thank you to the following who pledged to my last Show Me the 'Flower' Love challenge from July 30-August 5, 2023: fanofthisfiction, Lumiere de Venise, MintBlossoms, mississippimudpiecraves, naash, Pixie07, Poodie, SakuraAndSasukeLove00, Sandataba, usagi-no-usotsuki, Wildman98, Wintry Leen, and Yengirl. Please PM me if interested in joining and here's hoping you will support authors to be their best with your review love.


The March Show Me the 'Review' Love challenge was a lot of fun and had me challenging myself to write and publish again. A big Thank You to all of you who pledged:

fanofthisfiction, mississippimudpiecraves, Naash, NeonNavyWriter, Pandasushiroll, Poodie, usagi-no-usotsuki, and Yengirl.

The Show Me the Love "Flowers" Challenge of 2021 was a success thanks to the following wonderful people who pledged to this challenge: AirashiSakura, BloodPokemon101, fanofthisfiction, Lumiere de Venise, mississippimudpiecraves, MLLu, naash, Pandasushiroll, usagi-no-usotsuki, and Yengirl. Stories from this challenge and all past challenges are posted in my C2 account. Enjoy their wonderful contributions and please if/when you read, make it a practice to leave your positive and constructive review.

Fanofthisfiction's "White Day" Show Me the Love Challenge was also a lot of fun. A big thank you to the following wonderful people have made pledges to this challenge and are dedicated in spreading the positive constructive review: fanofthisfiction, MLLu, and Yengirl.

My 2019 Proposal's Show Me the Love Challenge during the Summer had quite the variety.

A big thank you to the following wonderful people who pledged to this challenge and have been dedicated in spreading the positive constructive review: fanofthisfiction, MLLu, naash, Pandasushiroll, Pixie07, RushiAei, and Yengirl.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Fanfiction Review Movement (FRM), it is a movement whereby individuals who join, pledge to leave signed, positive constructive reviews on the stories they read and return review when they can. Feedback is one of the best gifts a person can leave behind, and this community was established to help spread positivity and constructive criticism to inspire enthusiasm and better writing on this site. Please note, you don't have to be an author to join. All readers/reviewers are welcome. You simply need promise to abide by the pledge and embody the spirit of the FRM. If interested, please review and/or PM me and I'd be happy to add you to the list.

I am proud to announce the following have made the pledge along with myself: 8ouji-Rui, Ageha Yume, AirashiSakura, AraelDranoth, Ashitheviolinist, Astra2111, BloodPokemon101, Colorless Butterfly, darkprincess238, Emma Raye, fricasee, Fxreflies, JessicaRae95, KagamiPINKAgreste, Lady Rini, Lumiere de Venise, MintBlossoms, mississippimudpiecraves, misspandalily, MLLu, naash, NaraC, Neil Sora Ouranos, NeonNavyWriter, OreozFox, outloux, Pixie07, Poodie, Raineya, Rushi-Aei, Sunrise109, usagi-no-usotsuki, Val-Creative, VoluptuousThug, WildMan98, wingedmercury, Wintry Leen, and, yara9292.

Fanart is such a lovely gift and thanks to Nairil, "Hanabi's Handiwork" comes to life in a picture! The cover picture of the story is all thanks to her. Also, chapter 3 of "Regret" has it's very own manga page thanks to ladywithpurplehair. Delete the spaces in the following link to view the manga page: ladywithpurplehair . tumblr . com / post / 171778776145

From the bottom of my heart, know I am deeply honored both of you reached out to honor me in this way. You two are so talented and I am touched beyond words with the gifts of artwork you bestowed upon me. Should anyone wish to gift me with artwork for any of my stories, please know I'd love to hear from you with a PM.

Note: On 10-21-2018, someone hacked into my Profile page and wiped it clean. I have worked to reconstruct what I have lost, but it's possible I may have inadvertently missed contacting a few who originally pledged to the Fanfiction Review Movement. If this happened to you, please know it was not intentional and if you would like to renew your pledge, simply PM me back.

Secondly, if perpetrators have used my Pen name for no good, PM me and report it. I believe in spreading positivity and stand firmly behind the positive constructive review.

On December 25, 2018, Christmas Day, Poodie organized a special challenge honoring me and several FRM authors participated, dedicating their precious stories to me. It was the most unexpected wonderful surprise I've received, and one I'll definitely treasure for years to come. The stories are featured in my favorite stories collection for easy reference. A very special thank you to Poodie for organizing the collective gift and to AraelDranoth, Ashitheviolist, een nihc, Emma Raye, Fxreflies, naash, Poodie, Rushi-Aei, Sakura's Unicorn, and Yengirl for your stories and dedications as well as all the other fanfiction friends and FRM members who left wonderful messages for me to read. I can't thank you enough!

I constantly learn new things with the feedback you provide and want to sincerely thank each and every one of you who have left reviews on my stories. Please know, your constructive commentary have helped me to grow. By the way, if you've reviewed a story of mine and would like me to do the same in return, feel free to PM me.

Lastly, a BIG thank you to everyone for your support, especially to those who renewed pledges, showing me there's still a lot of good people out there on this site. Happy reading, writing, and reviewing to all of you!


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