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My other stories that can't be posted here are posted on Archive Of Our Own. http:///users/TerraZeal

Also, my Supernatural story, Late Night Cable, has had over 14,000 hits. Thank you for reading this story, but I would really love you if you reviewed it. I might even add another chapter! Tell me what you want. Wincest, Sabriel, Destiel, Sastiel (though I hate this pairing), just tell me what you'd like to see if I get enough reviews for Late Night Cable. Over 14,000 hits and only a few of ya'll left reviews? I'm so sad. It's very popular SN story, but no one takes the time to tell me they like it!

Same with The Blooming Lily. If you want more Loud House fics in this Blooming-verse, please leave a review! I'm running low on fuel for Loud House fics right now, so any input is loved.

To all the people reading my GoT/SoIaF fics, please review them! I want to know what you think. I know Renly/Loras is a much-loved couple, so please share your thoughts! Don't leave me in the dark. If I know people want more, I'll write more. I really don't want to write fics that people are not interested in. I see many people viewing all my SoIaF fics, but no on reviews them! =(

Same with my other stories! I can't tell whether or not to write more or if you like them if you just view them without a review! I also appreciate constructive criticism. I have no beta currently and I am going this all on my own! So please, any reviews at all will help! Except for the 'lol u suk' kind unless you are capable of backing it up. I would definitely love some feedback on my new Haruhi stories. I know I have some grammar errors in there somewhere.

PLEASE give me CONSTRUCTIVE criticism rather than just outright insulting my work. If I wanted to be trolled, I would just post my WoW stories on the WoW forums. Stop acting like a child and either be constructive or don't waste your time reading and reviewing if all you're going to do is insult my stories. Telling me they're bad is fine, but tell me WHY rather than being a troll. I am a fan FICTION writer. I am not an author. My fanfics do not have to be perfect, especially the ones SPECIFICALLY STATED to be AU. That means 'alternate universe', as in, NOT the one you're playing in/reading/watching! There are more typos in the quests created by Blizzard (and Richard Knaak's novels) than there are in all my fiction combined!

No more long profile. That was annoying even me. Please review my stories if you read them, even if you have complaints about them. Like I said above, constructive criticism only please. Flames will be deleted. You can tell me it sucks, but please tell me WHY it sucks. I would really like to know what everyone thinks about my Supernatural/Harry Potter crossover, Wands And Rock Salt. It does not involve Destiel or Dean and Castiel except as minor characters. This is about Sam discovering he's a witch and going to Hogwarts with the Marauders and Amy, the kitsune. Dean will be involved with Bellatrix later on, if you were expecting relationships. No slash this time, unless people request it. As a reviewer said, Sam and Lupin would get along well...but so would Amy and Lupin. Both are types of werecreatures.

So review and tell me what you think of my stories, please!

Also, I am the exact same TerraZeal on FIMfiction, for anyone who reads MLP stories on both sites! Don't believe me? PM the FIMfiction TerraZeal and I'll direct you right back here!

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