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Hey Guys!

So I guess it's a new year, or at least new school year (: And of course I'm defiantly looking to start fresh, that's why I've decided to delete all my stories... oh no! but it's true I've gotten bored of them and frankly I think so has everyone I don't feel like continuing them and I want to start brand new with new stories. Still Harry Potter of course, but just new stories new character combinations you know all that stuff. My favourites have to be Tom/ Ginny, Draco/ OC and I'm really starting to get into James/ Lily there such an adorable couple. I'm losing my slytherin pride I know... And this summer I just recently saw Wicked on Broadway! OMG it was amazing, maybe some fanfics in the future? Vampire Diaries is also taking a huge tole on my life... what can I saw I'm obsessed and for all you crazy twihards for whatever you call yourselves. Edward never even comes close Damon and Stefan, and then we have Elena beautiful, smart, brave and what do you have Bella? Mopey, self-absorbed, stupid am I missing any? I'm sorry but I'm just being honest. (: So that's basically a heads up about everything (:

xoxo Slyth3rinPrincess (What it only makes sense, Since Draco's the Slytherin Prince I have to be the Slytherin Princess :D)

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