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Name: Namike

Race: Demon

Location: Feudal Era

Affiliation: Inuyasha's Party; Humans

Hey everyone! You can call me Namike on here, as you can say that's my official anime/Japanese name. I made it up as a combination from two names I found from a Japanese name generator, and I must say, I love it. I will say that my name, though, was initially focused around a demon that I created to go with the cast of Inuyasha. Now I just use it as an online name (along with Moonfire and Vilyanara, but that's a whole other story). Maybe if I can debate which storyline to go with, I can write her story here on the site. :) Or, if not, I'll write it (or all if I can't decide) here. XD

I am a major, MAJOR, Inuyasha/Kagome couple fan. I am really freakily crazed over them. It's...scary. XD So, yeah, don't come to me with Sessh/Kag, Koga/Kag, or Inu/Kikyo stories/proposals, mmk? Otherwise I'll whack you with my crowbar. :D Though, I wouldn't mind Miroku/Sango stories. :p Heck, maybe even throw in Rin/Sesshy or Sesshy/Kagura (or...and I'm still debating this... Rin/Kohaku .). However, if I do come across stories with any of the aforementioned parings that I do not like, then, depending on the summary, I may give the story a shot and be very open minded about it. That much is evident with the Kikyo stories I have been reading.

Inuyasha is pretty much the only anime/manga I have ever truly watched/read to its completion (SOOO FREAKIN' PSYCHED FOR THE ANIME STARTING UP AGAIN!! WOOOOOOOT!!). I have tried Ranma 1/2, but I lost interest at around season 6 and never read the manga. Another anime I liked was Elemental Gelade. I thought that was cute, and despite it being short, I enjoyed it every single bit. I have also watched Ouran High School Host Club, and thought it was cute and funny. :P

When I write my stories, I try to be as accurate as possible when it comes to the probability of the stories happening along the real storyline and the characters' actual personalities. (Did that make sense? o.O) Sure, I may like to fool around, but when I try to write something that I know a character wouldn't normally do, it makes me just not like the story and lose interest (when I'm writing, not when reading someone else's work usually). However, I do like to put a little "twist" in a personality once in a while. Not too much, but just enough to make it seem realistic. :) I hope that makes sense. XD

Next Fanfic I'm Working On

The Warrior Priestess - I'm still debating as to how it will go, but I'm sure I have a basic idea. Summary: A prophecy was made of a powerful priestess with powers of purity that would defeat a great demon. The time has come for the prophecy to come true as the demon once again comes alive, but who is this mysterious figure?

Update: Started on Chapter 1. I'm trying to work out the details of armor and looks, so it's taking a while.

Possible Future Fanfics

The Humane Demon - This will be the story about how Namike (me) meets up with Inuyasha and the gang. I'm not sure how this will go, as I have various storylines. So, it's still debatable of whether I will actually go through with this.

Caught in the Cold - Inuyasha and the gang are fighting a ferocious snow demon when it suddenly summons a huge blizzard, separating everyone into huge snow drifts for miles around. Inuyasha finds Kagome, but she is terribly frozen. How does he take care of her, and how do they find the others?

I know I only have a few one-shots, but please check them out! (At this point, I am shocked and pleased that my second one is more popular than the first. I guess it must be the fluff. :3) However, I do have a plan of future stories listed above. As for an actual chapter story, I'm still debating (though, I may end up writing the one I have listed, The Warrior Priestess). It won't until after I'm done writing my RS fanfic on my clan forums, and that still need a few more chapters. We shall see!

So far, I'd like to thank Sassybrat and Gindokei, with whom I have been keeping in touch with very well. If you haven't checked out their stories, GO DO IT NOW!! Oh, and I have a special shoutout to my cousin, Light of Polaris, with whom I share my Inuyasha fantasies. Go check out her fanfic Dream Rose, which is based on the story Beka Cooper by Tamora Pierce. I LOVE YOU CUZ!!

Be sure to check my profile often, as I keep updating it from time to time.

Hmm, well, that's all I have for now. See ya soon!

Inuyasha & Kagome Forever

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