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Ava made from Nix.

Hello to you all, if you want to send me an review: At first it would be very kind of you.
But please be aware: All reviews are welcome, but please keep them construct! Be nice and stay polite. But I would be glad if you adhere to it. The person behind that account can deal with criticism as long as it is criticism where you can work with :)

Little Note:

And no, I'll not not change anything on the stories I wrote. And in the case you don't like the story - then you are more than welcome to write your own version of it. Or more easy push the back button and read another story which you might like... It should't sound conceited or even rude - but I have enough of it! I'm more than annoyed over people who complain.

My favorite Series:

Mysteries of Laura




I like more series, but it would be too much to write down.

My all time favorite Couples:





I'm actually relatively open about other pairings. For example I also like Scully/Doggett but only in the time when Mulder is not there. And if the story is reasonably written and believable - since Mulder and Scully is one of my most favorite couples.

When Mulder comes back it's all about MSR - Beckett/Esposito only before Caskett.

Otherwise MSR as well as Caskett belong together.

And for me, Laura/Jake simply belong together without any questions. I love their chemistry.

And I love Angel/Cordelia - the vampire with his seer - All the way Cangel

Since I have various favorite couples in different series - whether it is now regular couples or side couples - it would be too much to write down.

That's why I only put my 4 favorite on the list.

At the moment I am very addicted to Harry Potter - in special Severus Snape :) He is one of my favorite characters in HP as well as Harry.

Before you come to strange thoughts: I love these two of course without a slash! I also like a few more character. But these two above are my favs

Greetings BabygirlandFin

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