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Okay. It's been, like, what? Five months? =) Yeah, that. In case youse hadn't noticed, not one fic's been submitted since then. Goes to show just how lazy I am.
I have been writing. Sort of. If you, like, count two half-finished fan-fics that I decided to put on hold for the moment. Hurrah! Just dun expect anything for a while.
Oh, n by the way, the new penname's Lunaurora.

I've come crawling back. I'm still the same person, but older and without the retarded penname I made up in grade six [I plan on changing it]. After spending a few months in Japan [yes, Japan - I'll stick up some pics later] and having to endure enough Hello Kitty to last me a lifetime, I got bored and decided to start writing again. But this time, due to homework [which I never do, mind you] and other stuff, I won't get so much time to update my fics.
Which means that the waiting time for new chapters has been extended from six months to a year.
Yes, I do know I suck. You can send me an e-mail, but there's only so many 'really's you can type in 'you really really stink'.
If you're gonna try and contact me or anything, my new e-moo is:
But hey - other than that, I'll see ya round.

Oh gawd, for shame. The last time I updated this little box was the 23rd of January. *sigh* As you can tell, Destiny Fox is pretty much dead. I haven't gone by that name for, like, forever! My real name's actually Laura. Hah. How... not good.
My more horrible stories [yes, there are worse, are my earliest ones. I like my more recent ones anyway, so make sure you avoid the ones at the bottom of the page unless you want your eyes to be mutilated for life. Seriously. You're It or ... whatever the other one was called, won't be updated anymore. Feel free to, umm... finish it or something. Not that anyone would want to. Just e-mail me, if you do. I wanna read it!
Well, before I dash, I should really thank everyone for their lovely reviews! Namely those who stuck by me. No matter how much of an idiot I sounded like. :D Go you! You know who you are! I'd give you all hugz, but I'm much too lazy to walk or swim or fly or whatever to where you are.
From now on, you can all contact me through MSN Messenger. --

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