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Hi. My name is Cristina and I live in the DFW area. I am an elementary school teacher and work with kids that have autism. I read Twilight for the first time about a month after it came out in the theater and immediately devoured the entire Saga. I am completely obsessed with anything Twilight and more specifically anything Edward/Robert. A former co-worker turned me on to fan fiction about two and half years ago and since then I have fallen into the abyss of endless types of Edwards, Bellas, and Cullens. I AM OBSESSED WITH TWIFICS! My favorite stories are vampfics because I enjoy reading variations on the original story. I also very much enjoy AH stories as well. My favorite genres are angst, drama, and humor. I typically only read Edward/Bella stories, but I have read a few stories with other pairings and they haven't killed me yet, lol. I DO NOT read slash or stories with multiple pairings simultaneously. I'd love to be a pre-reader, if you're looking for one!

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