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Hey Everyone...Anyone!

You can call me Ema, if you wish, i really have no objections...

I love to read, write, take photographs, hang with friends ( feinds...more often than not...), listen to music, and have fun...

I've finally gotten back to writting lately because school is in! Yes, dearies, that means lots of writting when sitting through horribly boring math classes that i really should be paying attention to, but...

Some of these drabbles may make it up here, but i kinda doubt it. well, at least until my yellow notebook is full. after that, i think i'll begin a pink one... hmmmm... choices, choices.


"We superheroes bruise easily, you know..." -Grover

"The same hammer that shatters the glass forges the steel" -Russian Proverb.

"Whenever cannibals are on the brink of starvation, Heaven, in its infinite mercy, sends them a fat missionary" -Oscar Wilde.

I hope you read, review and enjoy!

love always,


p.s. the avatar isn't really mine, but i love it anyway!

p.p.s. Come and visit me on Deviantart!

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