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ATTENTION!! PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE!! REMEMBER, the D-DAY PAINTBALL GAME IS ON JULY 17-18 at SKIRMISH in Jim Thorpe, PA. BE THERE! The more the merrier! More targets! ER... fellow compeditors... yes, not targets... BWAHAHAHA!! Did I mention you get to shoot at people? Yes. Yes, yes you do!

Hummdy dumb... what to put down... I suppose I'll have to fix this later. Well, first things first, greetings from the foot-hills of good ol' West Virginee! I used to be crazy... but now I'm a man of many talents; what you might call a welder/machinist/farmer/rancher/redneck/nerd. (Yes, that was a William Shatner joke, the farmer/rancher thing was intentional, and true) Long story short I am a whole lot better now.

I will assume, since you are reading this, that you are looking for stories... Well, I'm too lazy to post anything at the moment... This account was only created to review a story and to keep track of shi... stuff, I happened to be reading. I will post something, someday... maybe... Alright onward! OOOH! SHINY!...

Hobbies, both numerous and beligerant:

Reading: amazing, simply amazing.

Blacksmithing: What can I say? I like sharp things. Doesn't everybody? Like I tell my smithing partner, "You can stick with your artsy-fartsy doodads; cause' I make I make sharp things!"

Playing with SWORDS!: Nuff said!

Collecting Useful "TOYS": Colt, Kimber, Winchester. Need I say more? " Good, Bad, I'm the guy with the gun."

Reloading for said "TOYS": AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! What?

Annoying the authors with dumb jokes and silly reviews: A new one apparently, I'm not even sure what happened there.

Conservative, proud of of it. Just an "aw shucks" country boy. I am christian, by the way.

Thank you, to all of our brave men and women in uniform, both past and present, our prayers and hearts are with you and support you. Even if the commander-in-chief does not. Alright, what do you know, instant profile in what, 5 minutes? Groovy.

Oh, alright. To clear up some things I have selected a "random"(he's making that up!) "Quiet you!" person(it's Leonidas... he won't leave me alone!) to ask some questions that will be transcribed below:

PERSON: " Do you really make sharp things?"

IUSEDTOBECRAZY: " Yes, knives and swords."

PERSON: "When did you first start reading on this site?"

IUSEDTOBECRAZY: " Uh... I dunno... it was in eighth grade I think. Maybe seven years ago?"

PERSON: " First story you read?"

IUSEDTOBECRAZY: "Hmm, let's see. It was either 'Asinine Rationalizations' by Geno Calamari or 'Shego Rocks' by David Clark Allen. Can't say for sure.

PERSON: "So, who is your favorite author?"

IUSEDTOBECRAZY: "A tough one. I would have to say that it comes to a toss-up between three. Geno Calamari, Adrienne Skywalker, and Aubrey Witch.

Geno's stories were insightful, well thought out, and I thought they flowed exceptionally well. Too bad he hasn't written anything for years.

Aubrey Witch writes several different stories for Naruto that I do like(several that I don't as well but I simply ignore them). While I generally avoid pointless smut, her stories usually go deeper than that and actually incorporate it well. 'Bleeding Through' is good, angsty as hell, but very good. One of her best works as far as I'm concerned. (yeah well, my opinion doesn't count for much anyway.)

Adrienne Skywalker is one I recently found, and damn! What a writer! His stuff usually seems to flow between Bleach and Naruto, unusually good stuff, I'm telling you! I see alot of Crighton's influence in this guy!

I also enjoy Shouri No Hana's writings as well as a relatively new addition to my favorite author list, Icequeenkitty.

PERSON: yawn "So what's the real reason you never post the shit you write?"

IUSEDTOBECRAZY: "Simple. It never lives up to my own standards. If I don't like it how can I expect anyone else to? Writing stories is kind of like baking turkeys.(random, I know) Most people can do it and have the bird(story) come out looking good on the outside. Then, the inside is dry and bland. It takes someone with talent to make it look good and be good, get it? Well... that's how I describe it anyway...

PERSON: "Well, in lieu of some of your more... stupid reviews. Your competence as a sentient being has been called into question. Your respose?

IUSEDTOBECRAZY: "Hey! Sometimes the welding fumes just get to ya, alright!?

PERSON: "Collecting firearms?"

IUSEDTOBECRAZY: straightens right up " Yep! People at work say they're like my kids! I have them as a screen saver on my phone! You wanna see?"

PERSON: " Uh, no not rea-"

IUSEDTOBECRAZY: "Ah, come on, don't be shy! How did you get this gig anyway?"

PERSON: "You asked me to..."

IUSEDTOBECRAZY: " You sure you don't wanna see my "kids". How about the cannon? I named it the "Dick Cheney"! (mess with it and it shoots people in the face! golf balls are an entertaining favorite ammo of mine!)

PERSON: "Wait! How did I end up answering questions?"

IUSEDTOBECRAZY: "I don't know..."


Cool, now we know each other. Aren't you lucky? What's that you say? It's rather one-sided? Huh... Oh well, below are stories I would recommend reading. Beware, a few of them I favorited and didn't bother reading ahead a few chapters so a few of the turds slipped by me. You know the type I mean, I'll get around to flushing them later... (ah, toilet puns...)

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