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Hi everyone! I'm Jasmine Wardiya, poet and attempting to finish an original novel and get some of my short stories published. Here in fanfiction-land, I'm known as Remi (since being dubbed thee by a lovely Wendy Brune). And in my day-life I'm a doctor-in-training so don't be surprised if my characters are constantly in need of medical attention - known hazard of the job. :D

Find me at:

wordpress: whispersoflowlitflames (my main site for original writing, along with side-blogs for poetry advice and writing with medicine)

AO3: reminiscence

livejournal: reafterthought

Tumblr: jmwardiya (main blog), reminiscent-afterthought (specifically fandom and fanfiction stuff)

Twitter: jmwardiya

Scribophile: Jasmine Wardiya

Goodreads: 7488437-jasmine (Jasmine MW)

NaNo and Camp: jmwardiya (original writing), reafterthought (fanfic writing)


account with Phoenix to Flame - Resonate Flame account with Aiko Isari - paired discontinuity Rlt collab fics: Festival for the Demons (Halloween Collaboration 2014)


currently not taking requests

On hiatus: In the Light of the Fading Moon for Kaito Lune / Sinking in Nothingness for Asarikou-chan Complete: This is Not what we Predicted! for DeathLadyShinigami / A Look into the Life of Holly Potter for fan-freak121 / The Love of a Parent for fan-freak121 / Going to See Santa for fan-freak121 / The Tangled Web Ch1-3 for AspiringWriterGirl

Translations of my Fics

Human Expression (Bleach) has been translated into spanish by Kyria21: Expresión Humana TRADUCCIÓN The dead eyes of Contractors (Darker than Black) has been translated into Russian by K. Fullbuster: Мёртвые глаза Контракторов

Random other links

I've written a summary for the manga Nine Puzzle here.

Three Characters is mentioned in this analysis

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