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Hi! I am new to fanfiction, but am an absolute fanatic for Supernatural. I am a 39 year old college professor and am enthralled with the story of our battling brothers. I was surprised to find that so many wonderful writers are out there that expand on the characters invented by E. Kripke. I look forward to reading the funny, the tragic, the heroic, and downright bizarre stories that spin out of the hearts and minds of the fandom of this show.

I am usually so busy writing during my day, that I don't have the time to write fanfiction myself at this point, but I might try my hand in it this summer during the school hiatus. So many of the stories I have read so far have been just great fun, and the people on the site (you know who you are) that have introduced me to their writing have been so helpful.

So to all the brave who put out their words on this site. Keep on rockin' and keep on writin'.

About me: I am an archaeologist (so the lore of the show is what hooked me) and work in the Caribbean when I am not teaching. I am an excellent editor, so if anyone needs beta reading or just editing for grammar/spelling, etc. I'll try to help if I can. Only Supernatural stories tho! My friends are a little afraid of my current obsession with the Winchesters, but I tell them it is a passing phase (NOT!) and suggest that they just try an episode with me before they judge that I'm a little unbalanced. I sort of sound like a heroin dealer, "just try a little, just this once...it's really not bad." Then, you know you've got 'em hooked on the Winchester Family Business.

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