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Joined Apr '09

Name: Cannot tell you but Im the replacement for the previous user of this account after he got too busy, he emailed me

Likes: Too many.

Dislikes: School, homework, too much to list.

Favourite games: Metal Gear Solid series, Halo series, COD series, Saints Row 2, San Andreas, Assassin's Creed 2, Metroid, Team fortress 2, Bad Company 2, Mass Effect series, Counter Strike and the L4D series. My strategy is hitting targets from long range.

Favourtie halo weapons: Sniper rifle, Splazer (Spartan Laser), Battle rifle, Shotgun, Halo 1 and Halo ODST pistol, Rocket launcher, flamethrower, firebomb grenade, plasma grenade and the sword.

Fav CODMW/MW2 weapons: Deagle, Magnum, M21, M14 EBR/M21 EBR, M4A1, M16, M14, G36C, ACR, FAL, AK-47, Barrett, MP5/MP5K, UMP and Thumper.

Fav Mass Effect weapons: Vindicator BR (Cause it has great accuracy, base damage and low recoil), Widow anti-materiel rifle (Because a fully upgraded one can one headshot a Harbinger. Perfect for taking down those annoying Scions as well.), Carnifex (Because it has high accuracy, great damage and looks like a Deagle =P.), Cain (Because it shoots NUKES!!!), Scimtar (Because it makes short work of Husks with its rapid fire feature.)

Fav anime: Gundam (Not Destiny), TTGL, Naruto, Bleach etc.

Fav pairing: Kira n Lacus, AsuCaga, etc.

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