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Hey, just a bit about my self. I am married and a mom of two.

I love to read and review Harry Potter & Twilight Fan Fiction! I

am still to chicken to post my own stories. Check out my favorites

because some of them are truly brilliant! :)

0) =0) =0) =0) =0) =0) =0) =0) =0) =0)

I'm hope someone can help me find a story!

I's an Edward & Bella Story. Here is what I remember.

1) Charlie, Emmett, and Bella are a family.

2) Carlisle, Edward, and Alice are family.

3) Alice, Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle spread lies about Bella.

4)Thus causing her to get raped by Emmett's friends.

5)Charlie kicks Emmett out.

6) Edward leaves his vile family.

7) Years later Edward goes to find Bella & finds her.

If someone could point me in the right direction, I

would really appreciate it! I just can't remember and

it is starting to drive me buggy! Any help would be

wonderful! Di :)

( I FOUND IT!! )The Lives Left Broken

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