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Hello! Name's Sarah. Currently obsessed with J7, but I'm always obsessed with them sooo. I'll still delve into other fandoms/pairings now and then, but mostly that's it. No seriously. I am obsessed. Can't stop. Won't stop.

Favorite Pairings

Janeway/Seven [Star Trek: Voyager, B'Elanna/Janeway/Seven [Star Trek]

Fanfiction Updates

In Progress Now:

Three Untitled J7 pieces.

To Do Later: I truly do want to write these. I just have no work ethic. Sigh.

Untitled Mirandy Story


Control: Azula craved control. A little drabble about Azula and Ty Lee. Ty Zula

The Warrior and the Convict: Ty Lee reflects on the past when she gets an unexpected visitor.

Ugh. My favorite stories list kills me everytime I see it. 718 stories and counting. Damn. I should probably edit that. But come on guys. I read pretty much on a daily basis so of course there's going to be a lot. Just...damn.

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