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Oh dude, I REALLY need to update, it's been another year since my last update!! But I can fix a few tweeks.

First, a little bit of myself:

My name is Stephen and I am 35 and a resident of the Landmass Between Alabama and Louisiana. I go by the former pen name of sharper1988, now in the super-badical pen name of Sharper the Writer.

I have grown attracted to the Kim Possible since 2009 and I absolutely loved the show for its quick humor, pop-culture references, and for being original. And in turn, more recently, I've been drawn to Phineas and Ferb as well.

As for my KP fanfics, some will be sports-oriented, especially around the sport of football. When I noticed that Ron got that Middleton rushing record in "Ill-suited", it would've been a good idea to see how he progressed as an all-star running back wearing the number 7 jersey all the time. Unfortunately, it didn't fit in ... especially when he got the record in only the first two games of the season.

To me, it felt like, as in the words of "Unstoppable" himself: "Sick and Wrong".

Because I have been a football statistician, I know what it's like to see victory and defeat.

Thus, I have introduced two story arcs that revolve around Ron and his high school football playing days.

The first one will be my AU novel, "Mad Dogs and Tigers," It tends to focus on how Ron and his Mad Dogs would stand up against one of the best teams in the nation, the South Panola Tigers. It's AU because it doesn't follow the show's canon. So far, it is the most developed of my fanfic arcs. (Although it is going to get a major facelift.)

The second arc will be the story before it, A New Redheaded Cheerleader. This story focuses on my most favorite character from Phineas and Ferb (Candace Flynn) as she attempts to join the Middleton High Mad Dog cheer squad for her Jeremy. However, Veruca Salt, the main antagonist for both stories, threatens to derail her plans.

A series of short stories and one-shots will also revolve around the events surrounding MD&T and ANRC.

In addition, I will also focus on the ever-growing BF/GF relationship between Kim and Ron, on and off the field, throughout the course of the season.

In both of these arcs, I will focus the primary location of Middleton in southern Mississippi (as with Danville, Lowerton, and the Tri-State Area, Bluffington and South Park).

Like I said, I have lived in Mississippi all my life so I think it would be best to move Middleton to the Magnolia State where football is king.

In addition to my football stories, I am also going to add in a whole variety of stories such as action, comedy, and drama. The reason why I do this is that I want to keep an open mind and get a few plot bunnies out of the way.

A good chunk of my stories are rated K to T (but there are a few M-rated stories I have in mind. I'll post an advisory if I produce such M-rated stories.)

So, anyways, I hope you enjoy these stories.

In conclusion, I hope you have a blessed day.

Thanks and always God Bless

Sharper the Writer

As for the entire ANRC/Mad Dogs and Tigers series, here's what it'll look like:

Kim, Ron, and co.
Part 1 - the Pre-K years 0-8 yrs (or 9-16 1/2 years before main events of the novel)

The Sandbox - PG-13

Part 2 - the early mission/preteen years 8-14 years (or 2 to 9 years before main events of the novel)

Part 3 - the freshman/sophomore MHS years 14-16 years (or 9 months - 2 years before main events of the novel)
Part 4 - Early Junior year (which covers from 2 to 9 months before main events of the story)

A Dog Falls (PG-13)

Veruca & Camille

Part 1 - Early life (0-4 years)

Birth of an Evil Girl - PG-13
Part 2 - Pre-K years (4-7 years)

Girl Posse - PG

Part 3 - Tween years (7-14 years)

Possession - R

Part 4 - MHS years (14-17 years)

A Dog Falls (PG-13)

A New Redheaded Cheerleader, Books I, II, III, and IV (PG-13)

Then the prologue which features these 4 stories, in order

Betrayal - PG-13

Sabotage - PG-13

The Callup - PG-13

Decisions - PG-13

And then the events of the novel itself.


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