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Hello out there! I'm aangismyhomie and I'm virginiaclemmpoe or lovingmyfandomsforever on tumblr.

I'm interested in a variety of fandoms, including Avatar: The Last Airbender, ANYTHING Batman, Teen Titans, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Hey Arnold, Invader Zim, Naruto, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, X Men Evolution, The Adventures of Tintin, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, The Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, Star VS the Forces of Evil, Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Mirai Nikki, Death Note, Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, and Voltron: Legendary Defender (plus a whole bunch more I can't remember right now).

Current Fics in Progress:

Insecurities 2:
I currently have no inspiration for this fic as I've completely lost interest in TMNT 2012. The first season had so much promise and then everything went down the drain so fast I got whiplash. Even though my story is canon divergent, I doubt I'll be updating anytime soon. But I do intend to finish this fic, which may even be longer than the original. I might write a oneshot or two from that universe as well.

Over the Wall Again:
I just got re-inspired to give this fic a total makeover and repost it here rather than have it be in bits and pieces on Tumblr. I'm moving along pretty well with this one and I'm excited to get it finished. I also have a specific oneshot planned to take place in the same universe as this fic.

Orange Star Music Academy:
I haven't even posted any part of this yet; I want to get much more of it done before I do. But this will be a Dragon Ball Z AU fic where the characters will either have already attended or are attending a school that covers all regular subjects but has a heavy emphasis on its music program (Will alternate between flashbacks and present day). Won't be a song fic, but there will be heavy descriptions of performances and references to lyrics; songs will be credited at the end of each chapter. Song fics annoy me, they bring you out of the story and that's incredibly distracting. I want to work on the flow of this idea to see how it works out. So we'll see how that goes!

Not gonna lie, I get inspired sporadically which is why I usually stick to one shots, which I'll hopefully write more of soon. I finally have my own laptop so I can finally type away whenever I please!

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