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Hai peoplez! I'm Pretztailfan95, but you can call me Pretz.

As you can see, I'm starting to organize my "den" here. So what does that mean? Well, usually that kind of thing would mean said person is getting ready to do something...which in my case is true. I've become a fan of Adventure Time and Regular Show, and I came up with some good ideas for fics. I mean, they're more canon than any of my DC fics...so yeah. Keep an eye out for an Adventure Time or a Regular Show fic.

Also, I've gotten rid of "What If" and "Black Cat Conan" mainly because they both only have two chapters, and I can't think of anymore ideas for them. Plus, I'm afraid I might have too many incomplete fics cluttering up. But don't worry, I feel that the next fics I write will be even better than any of those! And I'll still format the chapters like I usually do.

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