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Hello, and welcome to my reader profile. I also write Total Drama stories under the pen name LostOracleTD :

I love Total Drama, you can see my favorite stories, but also there are some ongoing stories I will like to recommend:

Scales of Judgment by shianen:


Future AU about Courtney and how Total Drama change her life. I just love this story, one of the better ducney stories all the way with The Art of Pretending It Isn't Your Fault (that is on my favorites)

Amy-zing by TempoKeep


A retelling of PI with Amy as the protagonist. Many people hate her, but this story throws new light on the older sister. (this or any tempo story, but this is his current.)

Total Drama Island Recast by Danicus Green


A retelling of the island with a PI vs. ROTI cast. I really like the characterization and how he adapts to the challenges.

Total drama Wars by WhatTheHeck23


A season that replaces All-stars. An original adaptation of the G1 vs. G2 season with 20 contestants. I like many of his ideas and his approach to many characters.

Total Drama: Bakuhatsu Island by Lillaptop


An OC season after PI. A new host, a new island, and a new cast. The story is interesting, and I love the developments.

Total Drama Absolute All-stars by Owashimoto


It¡s a retelling of All-stars with 28 characters from all the 3 generations. I like a lot many of the decisions in the story and the characterizations.

There are more, but I will include them in the future.

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