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Hi, I am Kelly.

I Have a BA(HONS) in Drama with Media Studies, I love amateur dramatics and perform in my local theatre about twice a year. I am a care assistant working in an old people home specialising in dememtia and in my spare time (which is rare these days) i enjoy being with my friends, nights out, reading and of course writing.

Unfortunately due to my hectic work schedule, I may not update a story regularly but i will assure all of my readers a fic will never be unfinished. I hate getting into a good fic and it just stops; so l promise never do that, I just ask that you will be patient with me. *UPDATE FOR THOSE STILL AWAITING THE CONCLUSION TO INSATIBLE, IT WILL GET FINISHED; I HAVE BEEN STRUGGLING WITH REALLY BAD WRITERS BLOCK FOR WHAT SEEMS LIKE A LONG TIME NOW. BUT I WILL FINISH IT.

I would like to thank all the readers that have added all of my stories to story alerts, favourite story lists and especially adding me to favourite author lists, I have never rated myself as much of a writer so it means a lot; even thought I don't say it enough.

My favourite shows are; Supernatural, Castle, Once Upon A Time, Stargate SG1, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Friends, X-Files, Star Trek (ToS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT)

My favourite music Take That, BSB, Snow Patrol, Linkin Park, Christina Aguilera, Bruno Mars.

My favourite books Twilight Saga, Danielle Steel, Kelley Armstrong (Women of the Otherworld), P.S I love you, The Kite Runner, Nicholas Sparks.

Favourite Movies are Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Stand By Me, The Goonies, Stargate, Independence Day, Fame (orginial), The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Ten Inch Hero are just a few of a long list.

Favourite actors/actress Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Jensen Ackles, Patrick Dempsey, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Misha Collins, Nicole Kidman.

All of my stories written for Grey Anatomy is under the MerDer pairing, and usually written on other sites under the pen name Mer_Der4eva. I have also written two Stargate SG1 fic under the Sam and Jack ship. Under the pen name S_J4eva on other sites. All of my stories are AU and contain smut and is recommended for ages 18 or over. All chapters containing smut will carry a warning; so it can be skipped over if you don't like it. I appreciate constructive critcism.


Grey Anatomy: MerDer, Alex/Izzie, Mark/Addison, Mark/Callie.

Twilight: Bella/Jacob, Bella/Edward, Alice/Jasper

Stargate SG1; Sam/Jack

Criminal Minds; Morgan/Garcia

Castle Beckett/Castle

OUAT Snow/Charming, Regina/Robin

Current fics

Insatible, MerDer AU, set in WW2, with a some Derek/Other. Meredith and sisters are evacutees from London's, sent to stay with the Shepherd's in New York. My last Grey's Anatomy fic.

Coming Sometime Soon

Never Too Late, set 3 years after the events of Threads and following Carter's command in Atlantis, Sam tries to fight for a relationship with Jack O'Neill but will she be able to convince Jack that it is never too late. S/J, Jack/other, mentions of Sam/Pete. (Currently being written)

Completed fics

You can Let Go My very first fanfic. Meredith sees Derek kissing the scrub nurse and decides to leave Seattle. Taking something with her, after 4 years she returns to Seattle.

Back To Your Heart, Meredith and Derek were once lovers, a terrible understanding tore them apart, now years later they meet up again, both of them keeping secrets from each other. (Currently being edited)

I'll Be There, Sequel to Back To Your Heart, start one year after the end of BTYH, Meredith and Derek have finally gotten their happily ever after, or have they? Contains porn. And very fluffy, with a bit of drama mixed in.

Right Here Waiting, Meredith and Derek had a summer fling, and they never forgot each other, fifteen years later they are thrown together when Meredith moves to Los Angeles. Someone has a secret to tell. Also contain McStizzie and Lexzie.

Greatest Day, A five part ficlet, written for a challenge on another board. Meredith and Derek go on a trip, after Derek had been called a murderer. Co written by Kate Churchy Babez

Greatest Love Of All. MerDer future three shot...tissues required. Death of a character.

Lost Without You, Meredith and Derek are married, they had been apart for 6mths while Mer is in NY and Derek in Seattle, they are finally reunited.

A Love That Knows No Boundaries, Meredith meets Derek at a medical conference in Paris, she is a journalist and Derek is a neurosurgeon, but Meredith is married. Contains Sensitive issues, domestic violence, and strong language. (Currently being rewritten to be reposted at a later date)

Choices: SG1. After the events of Out of Mind/Into the Fire, Sam realises that she could lose Jack, so she decides to tell him exactly how she feels, but what does Jack decide. Sequel to Different Beginnings. This does not follow Canon S1/2. Sexuals situations/sex. S/J Newly beta'd and reposted

All of Your Life, MerDer AU. Derek chooses Addison, Meredith leaves Seattle and chasing her to airport Derek is involved in a car accident. Two years later Meredith returns but Derek doesn't remember her. Some ADDEK, ultimately MerDer.

Different Beginnings Sam/Jack AU, Pre series S/J AU Sam and Jack meet in Washington D.C in 1990. How does their lives change. Prequel to Choices, although no need to read Choices first.

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