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I'm not here to argue with some cry baby If I like your story I will say it! if I don't I'm gonna say it! Stay out my inbox, all caught up in your feelings!

upset because I think your story was a waste of time to read, not everyone has to like or say they like your trash grow up people!

its 2024 and people are still so sensitive these days it so freaking annoying. block me or whatever I don't care I'm already clicking blacklist button on you

no more mister nice guy, most of you have a ego bigger than the moon with no writing skills to back it up also have the nerve to get upset over any negative reviews lmao

you and your group of trash writers can go suck a dirty one.

l tried to be helpful and nice at first but years of being on this site showed me alot of people on here are not good at writing, which is okay until you act like you're better than you really are. with a blind following of readers who are mostly kids or adults with a child's mind lol

y'all have 20 people telling you your a good writer when it is nothing but all lies lmao some of you been on here for years and you still haven't improved at all or even tried too and you get mad at others and me for pointing it out lmao

F*" your life

Hope nothing but the worst come to you for coming on my profile Looking to start shit with me. f* the air your breathing ,F* your stories, F* your family and F* you

you know you're a trash writer when you feel I can't have an opinion on your writing skills just because I don't post anything on here hahaha

oh boy you really have the mind of a child.

if you was actually good you'll be writing an actual book but no you're on here posting you're hopes and dreams in a fanfiction story lmao don't come at me acting like you and your group actually are good because you're not, just a delusional fanfiction Arthur with no writing skills at all now this not to all Arthurs just the ones who have a problem with me and the things I said to them or about their stories.

if you're on my profile looking for a way to message me because you didn't like what I said congratulations you Dumb F#ck you just achieved todays most pathetic person of the world award.

please look in a nearby mirror and take a good look at the idiot you see. and remember that person you see is the worst, no one really loves that person you see in the mirror

your family and Friends secretly hate you

your skills as a writer never existed

you could die today and no one will ever care

your stories suck

you don't mean anything

you never will

Arthurs these days that ask their readers on how or what they should write in their story are the worst. just write your shit and stop asking us readers what you should do next. it got old really fast

I have so much anger hatred and rage in me to you and your punk group, I'm not interested in sharing words tbh I'm trying my hardest not to become a blood thirsty monster but y'all egotistic writers making it hard so F* you and your mama

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