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What to say...what to say...well, i grew up in rural africa in the mid 1960' wait...hang on...what am i talking about?

I'm actually 17 and driving! woo! I'menglish (what,what! pip pip, pass the sconesand all that) and weird in a good way :) I've finished school now, I just have my A level exams to do... :S But we don't talk about that!

I have always loved writing...anything at all...Ilike write good depressing stuff, can get quite dark (the best way!) heehee! ButI generally write humour as a relief from the strain of exams!

Buffy, Lord of the Rings andHarry Potter are my main main ships that I sail on (haw haw) are Buffy/Spike, Frodo/Sam (its so right!), Ron/Hermione (Harry/Hermione shippers...I have nothing to say to you.), Harry/Draco (SO much better than Harry/Ginny, which makes me slightly nauseous.) and then I have several smaller ships that I don't mind reading such as, Spike/Xander, Legolas/Aragorn, Merry/Pippin and even Ron/Draco.

So now you know a little more about me, I hope you'll read my fanfiction, and read some of my favourite stories too :) I particularly recommend Casus Belli, as its my absolute favourite story of the moment (even though its Harry/Ginnny...yes its that good!)

Also, I'm interested in becoming a beta reader, so anyone who wants me to look over a story, feel free to ask me!My e-mail addy is please don't spam me :)

Well...I must depart, Lines to be learnt, revision to be doneetc. Adios! Kementari xxx

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