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I absolutely hate the color pink but I don't hate hot pink in fact I hate anything bright colored but turquoise is exceptional. I absolutely love to read and go on the internet my favorite places to go to are the mall, hot topic, quicksilver, no fear, starbucks, subway 'EAT FRESH!!' lol. Sorry.

My favorite anime is, well, I like a lot. Too many to list but I will say one thing ... I'm a hard core naruto fan a 'Narutard' and damn well proud of it!

My friends, education (even though i absolutely loath school),books, drawing, writing, my computer and my family are important to me. I also have a liking for poetry even those that don't rhyme. Let's just say I like and dislike lots of things.

Warning: Pointless Blank Space is Pointless

- When Other Little Girls Wanted To Be Ballet Dancers I Kind Of Wanted To Be A Vampire.
- I'm The Type Of Girl That Turns The Music Up Way Loud, Just To Tune Out Reality.

WWYCO Link(s): http:///wiki/Mandrake_(plant)

My Youtube name is Skuller78 if you want to watch my vids (or not I can't say I really blame you. They suck)

I have a DeivantArt account with the same name as this one. The picture for my Avatar is a pictuer I edited for my accounts. Just type in Sakura in the Snow and look around for it.

And if you dont like a certain part of my story email me:

I'm awkward so deal with the uncomfortable silence after our conversations...

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