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After completing the Twilight series I found that I was a true addict. Addicted not only to the characters, but the amazing love they share. Thankfully I discovered FanFiction & many of you are helping to sedate my hunger for all things Twilight. My first story is complete. Please read & review. Thanks!

11/30/09 Update: I am receiving tons of messages asking about a sequel to Witches of Twilight. I am happy to say that I am working on it... but it is slow going. I have another Twilight story of a completely different beast also in the works and it is moving along rather well. My beta is currently working on graduate degree & planning a wedding--so I'm not pushing for her to process anything quickly. Sorry. Send all the hate mail you want, but I don't want to post new stories until they are right. If you haven't already, I recommend putting me on Author Alert so when the new stories go up you are notified. Don't worry--I'm not even close to being done playing with Bella & Edward. I have a million things I want to put my Witches through and I will give you another story soon. Thank you to all who have reviewed, I have read every one you've sent and love the support everyone has extended. Hopefully you will all hear from me soon with the new story.

Thanks! --Raca

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