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What is up, friend?

Thought so. And how’s your family?


So glad we had this talk.

A quick announcement:
Please if you're wondering why I haven't updated a fic for ages give me a quick PM to let me know people are interested in that particular one, and I'll make it a priority.
This is due to my frankly woeful attention span- I start a Fic, get obsessed and write five chapters in one night, then forget it and start a new one. So please remind me that I have several on the go, not just the current obsession!
I can't promise quick results, but I'll try.

For pictures of my characters...
Link to my deviantart page: http:///
On this you'll find all my sketches, many of characters. Also some lyrics to songs mentioned.

-My name (online name, not real name. My parents are not cruel) is AriaCloudrunner. Call me AzC.

-I've just recently finished school, and I'm hoping to go into an Arts course at Uni next year.

-I own a cat, Sadie (As much as anyone can OWN a cat). She’s an adorable, beautiful silver tabby, the runt of her litter, so she’s small, but she makes up for it with a superior intellect that often bails on her, allowing some remarkable lapses in all good judgment. Running into glass doors and attacking the electric toothbrush are the current spectacular displays of general dimness.

-I also own a large collection of DVDs- the most used ones are the 2 box sets of Star Wars, my 5 seasons of Supernatural and the CATS video. That and Simpsons, Blackadder, House, Scrubs, Green Wing, Black Books, Spooks, Mighty Boosh and all of Bill Bailey, Dylan Moran and Adam Hills' comedy stand up stuff.

-I am also in possession of an active imagination. Hence the membership with FanFic, I suppose. I have over a gig of snippets, chapters and novels stored on my computer.

-I've wanted to be an author since I was six- Shirley Barber inspired me and since then I have had continual inspiration from Eion Colfer, Jude Watson, TS Eliot, Eva Ibbotson, Darren Shan, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Ian McEwan... I could go on for a while...

- I love listening to music (Cats soundtrack, The Whitlams, The Cat Empire, Avenue Q soundtrack, Mika, Disney songs, Van Morrison, Bing Crosby, The Beatles, Louis Armstrong, Thirsty Merc, The Who, The Blues Brothers Band, Some Bon Jovi and AC-DC... I have a wide range of musical taste! I also like Vivaldi's four seasons, Bach, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky), I play the oboe in my school’s top band (we’re touring at the end of the year!), I’m in two school choirs, and I used to play violin and piano.

-My friends are awesome. They’re a fanstastic reverie from work (on the Gymbus, I’m an entertainer) and stressness :)

-I've always been fascinated by other languages- and to a certain extent, regional accents. I learned Italian for seven years, French for five (and I know ten times more French than Italian…) and I’ve got a few words and phrases of Austrian (basically German, unless you’re my Oma…) and Welsh, because I think it’s pretty. I’ve got a vague British accent, and love to hear other ones spoken.


I've seen CATS on stage once, on DVD a million and six times. That's just an estimate- it's probably more.

I've seen only one Star Wars film actually at the movies- ep 3, and I went to the loo during Obi-Wan's big speech when Anakin was all crispy-barbecue. I walked back in and asked my friend what I missed- she deadpan stared at me and yelled in a very emotive voice; 'You were the chosen one! You were supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them!' Yes, in the movie. It really ruined the mood of Padme's death... we got popcorn thrown at us.
I've watched the films over and over and over... but I refuse on principle to watch the Clone Wars episodes. DEVIL SPAWN! DEVIL!

Oh, yeah... and I've Travelled!
I've been to Europe twice with family; New Caledonia once with my French class; been stuck in a Singaporean Airport for three days (which almost counts); I spent a month in Nepal with a program called World Challenge; and I’m off to Europe again at the end of this year with my school Wind Ensemble.

Life in itself is awesome.
If you can't admit it, I pity you. Go eat cake and cry.
If you admit it freely, boo yah! EAT CAKE AND LAUGH!

As I said before, I write novels.
My current project is the Trilogy of the Night, Featuring Lycire Swan as the main protagonist, along with a human counterpart and many non-human ones. The first book is called Things That Go Bump in the Night, followed by Don't look into the Dark, and the final is Open Your Eyes at Midnight.
If you are interested in reading any of it, or finding out more about my other novels (Some children's books, some Star Wars, some epic narratives) Please email or PM me- I'd be glad to send you something or give you information!

Some of the Characters I have created for my novels will feature in my FanFics. I ask that you don't steal them as much time has been poured into developing their personalities, little habits and even thier accents and personal euphanisms.
My all-time favourite creation is Lycire Swan. This Lycanthropic Vampire was created in honour of my beloved Grandmother, Jessie Norma Millar, who died when I was 7. She takes on My Grandma's birthday and middle name, but not much else. I know Grandma would be mortified at the morbidity that consumes Lycire, but she remains my favourite character and, therefore, my memory of Grandma.
This is just an extra-special reason not to steal her away from me!


If you've ever had a blood nose in the shower and wondered what the hell to do, copy this into your profile.

If your mobile's ever gone off in class when it just fell into silence, copy this into your profile (unless you're in detention)

If you don't know how half the stuff in your room got in there, copy this into your profile.

If you've ever been mistaken for a sibling, copy this into your profile.

If you've ever been mistaken for the opposite gender, copy this into your profile.

If you sing along to music in public places and get odd looks, copy this into your profile.

98 percent of these profile-page statistics are made up. If you're one of the 97 of people who picked up that this is bollocks, copy this into your profile.

If you've never been rickrolled but kinda would like to be, copy this into your profile.

If you just lost The Game, copy this into your profile. And don't kill me.

If you have a long bio/profile, and wish to hereby enhance the length of said autobiographical document, copy and paste this to said world wide web page to make said autobiographical document increase in length, number of words, interestingness, and other things which would be known as fun, copy and paste this piece of information to your said autobiographical document.

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