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Me? Definitely a woman.

It seems i'm the only one who can read my pen name so, for better I'm Q-chan.

Age : 21 and continue up

Well, right now my fav anime and manga is Katekyo Hitman Reborn. maybe will be add next day. or next month. or ...

Fav. Pairing :
10027 ( I’m beginning to like it)

I don’t know when but when I realize I already addicted to yaoi doujinshi. And coz now I’m addicted to KHR I try find anything about it.

Hibari: Herbivore. Doesn’t know when she lost her way.
Mukuro : Kufufufu…… Let me help you little lamb ( smirk)
Me : No, thanks. I prefer help from him. ( Take Tsuna and run for life. )
Hibari & Mukuro : Hey, that herbivore/boy is mine.
Me : Try to share you over possessive person!
Tsuna : HHIIIIIIIIIII…….. Don’t take me awaaaayyyyy……!!


I Can't believe it. I got a new fav. manga (I'm not really like the Anime. The ending episode is sucks) Sadly it's on hiatus. Let's pray together it will continued ASAP. Huh? I haven't tell you? Sorry.

It.s D.Gray-Man.

For you to know, I just accept AllenxKanda pairing. Allen as the seme and Kanda as the Uke (But a lot of story in is the opposite of my fav _

Why I like Allen? Cause I know behind that angelic gentleman smile there is Demonic person. He...he..he... His shishou is Cross after all. And Kanda? Well, he is a bad mouthed but a pure man. He is a straight man so I think he never thinks to cheat. That's why Allen can always tease him. Bwa..ha...ha...

Kanda : This woman. How dare you insult me like that!!

Allen : Well, that's true after all.

Kanda : Moyashi! Continue that and I make your live like hells!

Allen : (Grins) How?

Kanda : (Taken a back) I cut you with Mu... (Look at his waist) Where's my mugen?

Me : (Sly smile) I hide it. I'm a good person, am I?

Allen :Yes. (nodded) Ne, Kanda. What will you do? Mugen is not here anymore?

Kanda : (Paled. Move backward. Turn around and run)

Allen : Crown Clown. (Catch Kanda and Hug him)

Me : Have fun both of you!!

Allen : Yeah. Thanks you! (Walk away and dragging Kanda)


Me : Yeah, bye...bye!! Allen. don't fuck him to hard.

Allen : Don't worry. I'm a gentle person after all. (Grins)

Kanda : (Paled) Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

i like a new story. maybe some people said you are late! hey, it's up to me! i mean i just recently beginning to like it. i already read the manga but for the doujin it's new. this is the first pair that can change their position as they like. you now? ah, i forget. they are SasuNaru or NaruSasu. whichever is fine. i like ShikaTema. i don't know why people like ShikaIno.

I just took a quiz and the sorting hat put me in :

be sorted @

Congratulations on making Ravenclaw!

Well you're one smart little cookie, aren't you? You're wise and clever, and just love to use your wit and learning to your advantage, and sometimes even the disadvantage of others. Well, nerd, there IS a world outside of that copy of 'Hogwarts: A History', you know.. Oh don't worry! We all know you're special. You're just a naturally good learner, right? Not too much is known about your house right now.. Wow! Not only are you intellectual, you're also an enigma!

Hahaha... as i thought. So, from the quiz above you know i read Harry Potter. Pair that i like : HPDM or DMHP or LVHP or HPTMR. I like good and evil.

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