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Avid reader of fanfic and lover of proper English grammar. Call me the "comma Queen," please! I cringe when I read poorly spelled words. "Definitely", not "defiantly"..."waist", not "waste". "They're", not "there" or "their"..."shudder", NOT "shutter"! Sometimes I just have to drop a personal message off even if I love the plot - Please, please, please use a spell check and a grammar check on your work. It's very distracting when words are not used correctly or not spelled correctly. Other than that - I'm a happily married mother of two and grandmother of six. My husband, daughter, granddaughter, and I are all fans of Twilight. Oh, and for the record, "ME" is NOT A DIRTY WORD, and "myself" is a reflexive pronoun. If that doesn't make any sense to you, you really need to review your grammar lessons! Thanks for letting me vent :)

Almost 5 years later to the day - updated my three grands to five (yes, it's been a busy five years!), and thought I'd update more than that. This past year I lost my beloved 82 year-old father to pneumonia. I was reminded that I started reading fanfiction during the time we were losing my mother back in 2008. It became a release from the dreaded real life when I read about Bella and Edward having an HEA in the stories. I've morphed into the angsty, hurt/comfort versions in the last few years, firstly out of curiosity, and secondly, because there are some darn good writers out there writing angst! Fanfiction kept me from being too maudlin again this past year, so thanks to all of you who write. You keep me sane, and more importantly, you make me laugh, cry, and swoon - all in the same story! Thanks, again, to you all!

Now - 3 1/2 years after the above...have SIX grandchildren (all from the same daughter), and I am still invested in the Twilight fanfiction files and sites. I continue to find some really well-written stories that keep me on the edge of my angsty seat! Thanks to all the writers, betas, reviewers, etc. Fanfic makes the world go round, not those fat-bottomed girls!

2022 - have SEVEN grandchildren - still all from the same daughter. Still happily retired and moving to my final retirement home in NC - stay safe, all!

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