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hello all,

I am 33 years old and the mother of two i live in Miami.

so here's a lil info on me

total edward and bella fan.

i love twilight didn't know it was a book till after i fell in love with the movie. so i quickly read all the books and read em and read em.

the only thing i have a problem with is that how could jacob imprint on renesmee. its a lil weird and creepy. plus he was born to hate vampires and she was never supposed to be born so how was she ment for him, helllloooo thats just stupid. but whatever love the story hate the creepy part whats up with that SM tryin to freak us out(good job) so i am a twilight fanatic and up until recently never picked up another book besides the twilight saga.

so those books inspired me to keep reading. i was wodering a book store and i come across this book with a blond guy in the cover and it says something about S.M so i read the back and i gave it a shot and now i think i have another favorite. THE MORTAL INTRUMENTS. i love jace he is such a smart ass. and clary is tough. its a really great, amazing and, entertaining trilogy. and it has alot of fantasy elements wolves and faries and shadowhunters. dont get me wrong edward is edward period. but try the mortal intruments and you wont be disapointed. as much as i love edward i have to say to say that i think jace would be more fun in the sack(wink, wink) hes just so damn sexy and he has a nasty lil mouth and they talk just a bit dirtier than sm.well sm dosnt talk dirty so in the mortal instruments do. so.. on another note i started to watch SONS. the sons of anarchy and i officially want to have a foursome. lol EDWARD. JACE AND, JAXS. OH MY DAMN AND ME SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE. I WOULD GIVE MY LEFT TIT FOR THAT. LOL

My favorite book's hit list

1.the twilight saga

2. mortal instuments series

3. evermore series

4. fallen series

all of the books i read have to have 3 or more books in their intallment. if not i wont pick it up i love to read stories that go on and on.

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