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Hello, people who are visting my profile! This is my account (Surprised?)


Name: Smiley (for privacy reasons)

Age: 14

Favourite Books: Umm...Probably Discworld, Artemis Fowl and Harry Potter. Twilight was good, but the books just deteriorated from then on until the fiasco that was Breaking Dawn. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the Lord of the Rings and Georgia Nicholson books rock my world. Also the Silence of the Lambs, it is awesomeness.

Favourite Movies: None in particular, I watch most things.

Hobbies: Reading! And going on FF and The Sims. Not writing as such, but you never know, there's a first time for everything!

T.V shows: Whatever happens to be on =)

Stupid things I have done in life: None that I'll mention here, thank you very much!!


This is my shared YouTube account. Please watch our videos!!


Ok, the other day I set up a new FF account and I want to see if any of you intelligent(hehehe) people can find it.

1) It has the exact same information a this page on it, except for the name, which I changed to suit the profile name.

2)It is the account I will use to write some of my stories.

3)You will probably find me by looking at the comments on stories in the categories listed in my fave books.

4)I'll tell you on the page if it's my other account or not,

5) UPDATE: I'll give you the name I will be calling myself on my other profile. (cue drumroll!!) Quin!! No it's not my real name or the profile name, it's the one that suited the profile name best.

Happy Searching!!


Successful People!! (Oh why so few??)

In first place... The Weird Shipper!! Congratulations =)

in second place... No one yet =(

I decided to remove all my copy-and paste stuff (There wasn't much anyways!) and replace it with original quotes:

'The midget, it walks!'-my friend Cats
Smile, things could be worse! Except for when they can't so that is when you go around making things worse for others.'-me, in a philosophical mood
A reflexive verb is something you do to yourself or people do to each other'-our French teacher. He didn't get what we were laughing about.If you do, get your mind out of the gutter!
Is my skirt straight?' 'No, it's gay!'- me and Cats in the cloakroom one day
Did you know that if you add the words 'in the bedroom' to the end of any sentence you can make it sound wrong?'-my friend Conor. He's right. You should try it, but not near younger siblings/teachers.
'It's not a real disco until the first midget goes up.' -Me. The boys in our year have a habit of throwing the shorter boys up in the air at discos.
'Can plants be gay?'-a boy in my year. We spent 5 mins of science discussing why not. Who says school isn't fun?
'I appear to have misplaced my arm muscles.' -me, after spending two hours straight playing Sonic on the Wii.
Death by flaming monkey. What a humiliating way to die.' -me and my friend Dawn watching Pirates of the Carribean in the cinema a few years ago.

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