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I write because I enjoy it. I publish my work because I'm proud of it. I don't care how short, how strange, how long it is. If I like it, I'll post it here. Not because I care about what you think. Sure it's nice to know you like my story, but I don't live for it. I don't publish for it. It's nice being told that, "yes, you can improve, and this is what you can improve, and these are some ways you can improve." It's useful for me. It tells me what I can do to improve, something we all need to do at all times, because we can. Some of you won't like my story. You might say something to insult me, like I shouldn't be writing, or I have shitty plots. I don't care. It's not you I'm writing for. I'm writing for myself. I give you the opportunity to read what I write, I give you this - not because I need your approval - but because I want to let you experience it. I appreciate your comments and thoughts, but I won't live by it. Neither will I be so cruel to say that "if you don't tell me what you think, I won't publish more." Because I wouldn't be writing for myself any more, but for you. And that's discouraging thought, not because it's a bad thought, but it wouldn't quite be my story any more. I wouldn't be writing for myself, for my pleasures, but rather for you.
So go right ahead, if you want to, and leave a review. Tell me that I'm doing a good job, tell me I'm doing a bad job, tell me what I can do better. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness, even if you are trying to put me down, but remember this; I don't live for it. I don't write for it and I certainly don't need it. I don't need it to feel good about my stories. Because, honestly, I'm quite proud of my work, and I only publish what I view as my best work. I don't care if you think it's my best, or my worst, or neither of them.
I'll take your critic, but only if you tell me why your opinion is that. If you tell me I'm a bad writer, and a bloody horrific one at that, I won't give a damn. For, in all honesty, what does critic say, if you don't say why you're saying it.
So, if you're leaving me a review of any kind, please follow these steps (also includes information):

1. What is your purpose of reviewing?

2. Is my story good? Bad? Do you dislike it? Like it? Why? Don't tell me that you like it or dislike it if you don't tell me why. I don't need it, and I won't bother with it.

3. When you do review, don't tell me that you hate something in my story because you're against it. Like homosexuality. Because I'm not forcing you to read this story. I'm not asking you to read this story. The only reason I will listen to you complain about my story, is if I did not warn you in the beginning of the story. Not in the summary, but the beginning. So, in any case, look at the top of the writing to find Author's Note, and all warnings that are needed. Should there be no warnings, and no author's note, there won't be any writing. Author's note and warning will be marked with bold markings. If you believe that there are themes that should be marked, leave a review or person message where you tell me that I lack a warning.

4. Under no circumstances tell me I'm a bad writer because I don't know how to use grammar or likewise. I will not stand for it under any occasion. If I have ever told you that you're a bad writer because you don't know grammar, do contact me and I will apologize. However, I will not apologize if you purposely wrote a fan fiction with bad grammar. It is against the rules and you are just being stupid. If I do find such stories, I will report them. I will, however, not report stories where the person don't know the grammar properly. Lack of knowledge is not a sin. I will, do my best to advice you, and guide you to improve grammar and language usage, if you so wish it. This is not a bad criticism, but constructive one. Bad criticism is when I would tell you you're writing poorly and mock you for it and not help you. There are patterns in people's writing, and some mistakes comes over and over again, and thus can be corrected quite easily. If vocabulary is needed, I personally use this page: http:///?&o=0&l=dir&path=/ I have found it quite useful, and is quite easy to understand. However, in any case you shouldn't find it easy feel free to contact me. I'm aware it's all English, as that is my most used, and the most used language, I will keep to that language. And furthermore, I only know two languages, Norwegian, my native language, and English.

The reason why I'm publishing this is because some people will believe I, and other writers - live for other's thought and approval. I do not. I cannot speak for ever person writing, only myself, but that is my opinion. I write for my own enjoyment, I publish it here to show other my work, and let others have the opportunity to read it and take enjoyment from them. I like knowing others opinions, but in no way do I live for them, and in no way will I stop writing because of what others might so think. I have heard of other authors whom have had people bark at them because there was something they didn't like about the fan fiction.

https://www.facebook.com/AsDarknessTakesOVer My facebook. For anything related to my stories really. I'll try to keep people up to date on my current fan fictions.

Sincerely ADTO (As Darkness Takes Over).

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