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Fics (not an exhaustive list):

"THE WIZARD OF KOZ", formerly known as "Not in Palm City Anymore," which is now a Wizard of Oz/The Cape/Lucifer crossover. #LuciferonNetflix. Girl gets kidnapped, drugged, and hallucinates being in Oz. Her father, having tried everything else to find his long lost daughter, goes to Lucifer Morningstar to make a deal. No pairings. Lucifans, please keep in mind that I began writing this crossover before Lucifer. I'm telling you now that he first appears in Chapter 3.

"Chuck v. Project Quantum Leap". I am so thrilled that it inspired emergencyCALL911 to create this absolutely amazing music video, which all Chuck fans should watch regardless of whether they read my fic: The Bartowski Family ~ Wherever You Will Go

"Black Bird; Green Arrow": a crossover, featuring Quiver (Quentin/Oliver), a pairing name I introduced in another fic, "Who Has to Know?"

It is not necessary to have seen "The Cape," in order to read this crossover. Though do see if you can catch it online or on DVD.

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