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Guys... all I can say is that I'm sorry.. It's been a crazy year and now that the new year has begun it's just going to get worse. I began highschool this year, and if that isn't hard enough, it's an arts school! So there's always a lot of after school projects to do. I know I've disappointed you guys, seeing as I've finished only one of my stories, but I'll try with all my might to do something about that.

Name: Hey there! My username is Scree, but I don't really mind what I'm called. I've been going by Chii-sai (or just Chii) on a bunch of sites, so I don't mind that either! Alot of my stories with have a character by the name of Delia Teichman (with the variation of Dailen Teichman). That is my alias that I use all over the internet, so if you see it somewhere, it's most likely me!

Age: Highschool Student!

Favorite Characters and their Actors: Spot Conlon, Mikey, Jason, Hobb, etc (Played by Gabriel Damon), Will Scarlet (Played by Harry Lloyd) and Allan A Dale (Played by Joe Armstrong).

Movies/TV Shows/Books I wouldn't be able to live without: Robin Hood, Newsies, The Running Man, all AVP, Predator and Alien movies, The Walking Dead, Dead Set, Zombieland.

At the moment, as most of you might tell, most all of my stories are on pause. Unfortunately, I have yet again got inspiration for another story for Robin Hood BBC '06.

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