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Hello to whoever is reading this right now,

First of all, I used to be Buttafingaz (in my younger days), I'm Tollpatsch, I think it means Butterfingers in German, don't know much, because I learn French. It sounds cool and simple and no one has it, so everything is wonderfully awesome.

Actually, I lied. When playing ball sports, somehow the ball always slips through my hands. I think I defy physics.

I am mostly a fanfiction reader...I read more than I write. But I don't ghost-read! I almost always review, but I usually use guest accounts because I'm too lazy too sign in most of the time. Mainly because it's too much effort to do a story successfully and I can't finish things I've started, but I'll do my best. Updates will be sporadic and slow. Very slow.

I hope whoever enjoys my stories can still stick with me as I write :)

Anime that I Absolutely LOVE and may write for:


Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Shingeki no Kyojin


Shaman King

Magi the Labyrinth of Magic

Kuroko no Basket

One Piece

Pandora Hearts




Durarara! (not sure how to spell it)


Game of Thrones

Hunger Games

Harry Potter

Downton Abbey

Mad Men


The Pursuit of Freedom (One Piece)

Putting this on hiatus. I'll get back to this once I finish other projects.

Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I love writing it!

Kuroko no Basuke

Orange Days

Original Character: Sorenji Maika. She is honest and forthright in an almost idiotic way. Quite competitive, has a quick temper, and cries easily. A little on the clumsy side. Despite moments of insecurity and weakness, she is strong-willed and defiant. Sometimes, she is too stubborn, too blind, and too impulsive which are not good characteristics too have.

Genres: Humor/Hurt & Comfort/Friendship...eventual romance.

Almost a 'coming of age' story. About friendships, life and a sprinkle of love.


Mostly humor, embarrassment, innuendos, parodies and dirty jokes. And romance, lots of romance. It'll be a lighthearted read, with some introspective moments, but lighthearted nonetheless. KISEXOC

Original Character: Mikazuki Terumi. I was inspired by Katsura and Gintoki from 'Gintama'. A bit of a space-case with an over-active imagination, Terumi drags people into her own, carefree pace. Very serious person (to the point of idiocy), but also very wise and astute in giving life-advice. Sometimes, she retreats into social reclusion because she's a bit lazy.

Genres: Humor, Humor, Humor, Humor, a bit of parody, Sarcasm. Friendship. Romance. And did I say Humor?


Ama no Zako

Uchiha Azami has the misfortune of being born during the Warring States Period. Observant, opportunistic and disillusioned, she is quite a dark and complex character. I've almost finished planning out this whole story and I've got to say, it's going to be a rough ride. There will be three main story arcs, and some mini ones and I predict that it'll be around 30 chapters...maybe 40. There will also be an epilogue, and a side story depending on demand, I guess.

Ultimately, the tragedy genre is quite prevalent. I hope you like it though! Naruto has been such a big part of my life, and this is my way of saying farewell.

Key words in this story: Lotus, tragedy, war, a bit of love, adventure, self-discovery, inner peace.

Genre: Tragedy/Action/Adventure. Romance is a kind of subplot. I will probably change the rating to Mature once it hits the graphic content.

Main Characters that will eventually appear: The Uchiha Clan, Hashirama, Tobirama, someone you all know from a certain clan , a major antagonist and some interesting canon additions. There won't be too many OC's. I'm researching all the canon characters that were alive at this time.


Ave Maria (one-shot, possibly more if people like it enough or if I feel like writing more)

Marie summons the demon we know as 'Sebastian'. A story about one of his previous contractors. It was one of the calmest times of his contracting history. She is introverted, forever calm and rational. Has a seductive, playful side. Slow to anger, slow to forgive. Kind and nurturing. The Fates play her like a puppet, and she is too weary of the world to openly defy them.

Genres: Angst/Tragedy/Adventure. Quite Dark. Explores the unfairness of life. Ironic Ending.


Ama no Zako Chapter 6: 40% completed: need to write a major part in this.--currently working on this. (Priority rank 1)

Orange Days Chapter 8 : 0% completed. Need to start on this. (Priority rank 3)

Narcissus Chapter 5: 40% completed--currently working on this.(Priority rank 2)

Ave Maria Chapter 2: I will get around to starting on it. Sometime soon.(Priority rank 4)

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