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Not a writer (yet) -- just a devoted reader who discovered fan fiction circa March/April 2009, after I discovered my Robsession and love of all things Twilight. While I've managed to purchase a book or two for my Kindle since then, I haven't really read said books. I'm still deeply closeted as a fan fictionista, but trying to spread the gospel to those I think can be won over.

Check out my favorites; these are truly the stories I most love and recommend to others. I prefer vamp stories (canon made M and AUs--don't you just love the "what if" potential?), but also adore the best-written AH stories (and, um, some slash ain't bad). Not a big fan of OOC stories (unless they're terrifically well-written)--after all, I'm here to read and learn more about Edward and Bella. I am interested in being a beta, as I am a great editor (um, I love being a little ol' blue-haired grammar lady with the proverbial red felt pen) and a good thought partner on plotting, style, pacing, character development, etc. Let me know if you need another set of discerning eyes who has a love of character, plotting and proper use of commas and semicolons!

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