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Hi! First off, I'm a Bleach nerd. Second, my favorite parrings. "YachiXKen" "RukiXIchi" "RanXGin" "HitsuXHina" "AizenXHina" "YachiXGrimm" "GrimmXHime" "HimeXIshida" "GrimmXNel" "NelXSchiffer" "ByakuyaXYachi" I'm not a big RanXhitsu though. I'll have 1st post soon. Hope you enjoy any of my post. Thanks. Also, I haven't been doing Fanfictions that long and I used to write my own stories, so all the characters that I'll be using will be OOC due to the fact that i'm not familar with 'em.( Yet, Grimmjow's is a bit easy for me to keep in tact if put in the right situation.) Enjoy.

Um, please be a good critic about my stories. I love reviews though! . They make me smile! lol

Also, the translation site I use sucks so, if anyone knows any good translation sites that are free, that would be nice. Just leave it in a comment or so. Thank You.

I haven't update in a while so I'm trying to keep the stories going. Bear with me here.

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